Can someone tell me why EMClient is so much quicker than Outlook running Exchange Server?

Why is EMClient so much quicker than Outlook running Exchange Server.  Don’t get me wrong, EMClient is fantastic and does a brilliant job, but I am curious.  Running Outlook with Exchange Server Office 365 speed wise is a major problem.  It is so slow it is virtually unusable.  EMClient on the other hand, no problem with connections at all.

Hello Cathy, I believe the right question would be “Why is Outlook running so slow?” rather than why eM Client is running so fast.

Not really sure how we could answer this question, we’re trying to do things differently, the application is very lightweight and is built on the .NET framework currently using Internet’s Explorer core. This however is currently only slowing us down and we’re preparing another release for this Summer which will be built on Chromium, hopefully allowing us to provide even better product.

Hope this helps.

Hi Paul,

Your outline certainly makes a lot of sense.  When will the new version be ready for market?  Very keen to try.

Hello Cathy, we’re working on the upcoming release and the official release is planned for as soon as Summer 2015, follow us on Facebook or twitter to find out more about current updates and releases.