Can someone show me a simple tutorial on how to set up rules

I have just got eM Client and like the look of it and am very tempted to buy the Pro version but I have a problem (and it may be just me) I cannot seem to get the “Rules” to work, also I may have done it wrong.
I have checked Youtube and these forums but no luck.
Can someone show me how to set up a simple “move” rule.
For example I get emails from eBay.
I set up an eBay folder under the “Local Folders” menu
How do I set up the rule with the word eBay in the “From” field and get it to move to the eBay folder on receipt of the email.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Ritchie.
Thanks for the link, I went there and had a read but as usual it is written by someone who knows what they are doing and not for the person who doesn’t know what they are doing there were no examples given so I had to stumble along.
  I managed to get a couple of rules to work but very basic ones.

 The problem is and again it may be me , there needs to be a “with words found in from” option.

  I get emails from eBay they vary a bit whether its from a seller or promotion etc and invariably the word ebay is always in the “From” line, but there is no option to choose that, it looks like I have to put the whole address in the rule and not just one word.
   So I need the rule to look in the “from” line see that word then execute the rule.

Any and all help is always appreciated.
Thanks again