Can see the e-mail body

I have a problem to see older e-mails than approx 15 days. I see them in my inbox, but when I open the e-mail, there is no text, no attachment,… nothing.

Do you see a small little “dotted line” going across the top of the email ?

No, unfortunately there are no dots… the e-mail body is empty, i can not find any download button, I checked all the setups and nothing. It is really crazy

If it’s an IMAP or Exchange account, suggest to then removing the account and re-adding as could be the account has possibly become corrupted in some way, so removing and re-adding should fix it.

If still cannot read old IMAP or Exchange account emails after removing and re-adding, check online via webmail to make sure you can read them online. Just incase it’s a eg: mailbox ISP issue.


If it’s a POP account and it’s only just happened, suggest to try doing a restore via Menu / File / Restore if you have done a recent manual backup or have Auto-Backup setup in eM Client.

I did it - removed the account and re-added it, and it works. Thank you for help

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