Can recieve but not send emails to

did the auto setup and can receive emails but not send. Did the s/u twice with the same result. HELP I like what I have seen so far but need this resolved or will have to go back to Outlook which I don’t want to do. Thank you, Jeff Thomas

Hi, can you please make a screenshot of your SMTP setting from Tools > Accounts > Your Account and click on the SMTP tab.
And post it here.

Thank you,

Hi Paul
I tried all the SMTP settings and finally got it to work by using:

Security policy. SSL/TLS on special port (Legacy)

Authentication The server requires authentication box checked.

Use identity credentials

I hope this helps some one else and thank you for your reply

Hi, I’m so glad to hear that. You’re actually not the first having some issues with comcast, we’ll be looking into it.

Thank you,