Can receive emails not send them says no account

Any help would be appreciated. My windows 10 just updated it might have something to do with it.

Have you checked to see if your account info is correct?

What version of EC are you running>

hate to sound stupid but how do you find out what version you are running. I did look at account and it looked right.

Menu > Help > About

And You did look at SMTP info and it looked ok?

I went into accounts. There is a tab for general, Imap and diagnostics. I had read on here to check SMTP but don’t see it.

I notice on the Imap screen there is a selection to use identity credentials or use these credentials (my email account/pw). Identity credentials is checked not my eamil account/pw.

And what is the version #???

where do I look for the version #

I showed you…

3 clicks of the mouse… Menu > Help > About

7.2.35128.0 is the version

Your version of EC is dated March/2019

Unfortunately, I do not use IMAP and have not run v7 for several months.

When I look at my accounts it shows tabs for POP3, SMTP and DIAGNOSTICS. Not sure why you don’t have SMTP, as that info is used to send email.

I am not sure where to go from here… Hopefully someone else will be able to take things from here and help you out… sorry.

You might want to go into the diagnostics tab and run diagnostics to see if that gives more information.

Thanks. I did run them it said okay. I went to the update page. I wondered if I updated it would help. But wondered if the latest update included all the past updates or do I have to do each one. I’ll research it. I appreciate your help. Thank you.

Do a backup first, then choose the newest v7 update 7.2.40748.0

will do thanks again

one last thing after giving this more thought… give some thought to removing the IMAP account and resetting it up.

Just a thought…

I’ll try that. I updated the version and it is still saying no account for sending. I am receiving however.