can not setup exchange mail.

to access my Microsoft exchange mail I go through a webmail server. It works on all other devises, ( My android phone)  

seems like you need place to input my domain, that’s the only thing I can see missing

Hi, if you need to input a domain for your exchange account, please use the “manual” Exchange account setup.
Setup a new account but instead of using the automatic setup, switch to the mail tab below and select “Exchange”, then proceed with the steps.

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I did, but there is not a “Domain” box or question, I have put my webmail address in the “Server” box.

Hi, please while using the manual setup there are three fields email address, user name and password. Please enter your domain in the user name field in this format:


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I tried putting the Domain\username in, I tried all kinds of combinations .Today I took it in to my office and let the IT guys work on it. They could not get it to work, the best explanation they had is that they were running a 2003 server, and your headers were exchange 2007.

But somehow Android has figured it out.

Thanks for trying, I will use the software for my Gmail account. 

Hi, yes this is definitely the cause of this issue, unfortunately eM Client only supports Exchange version 2007 with SP1 and later versions of Exchange, version 2003 is not supported.

Thank you for understanding,