Can not send emal

Forwaede email cannot be sent
I get error message that send address is not acceptable

seems you’re trying to use an invalid e-mail address to send your e-mail to…

Not true I am using address that I have used in the past and can mail to them using
Outlook Express.
In fact trying your reply to your email was also rejected as an invalid address
FYI I have many years experience including writing computer programs
so how about a real answer

Hi, can you please make a screenshot of the error message you’re receiving?
What version of eM client are you using and what mail service are you using?

Thank you,

I have un-installed the program I do not wish to put in the time & energy required toget the program runing correctly

Hi Norman, I’m really sorry to hear this, if you ever give us another chance, let us know, we’ll be happy to answer any more questions about the application.

Thank you,