Can not download the messages

Can not download messages - can see only the list of messages and titles marked in red. Yesterday the client worked well.

I removed the accounts, instaleld them again and now I can see the messages. The text in the headers is still blue. Is anything wrong? Can I change the text in the headers to normal black?

It is a kind of mystery. I restarted the client and can not read the messages again. I can see the list of messages in folders and the headers. When I click on each message, I can see the headers only and not the text of the message.

what protocol are you using? IMAP or POP protocol? Send one of the problematic messages directly to me: Thank you.

Hi George! I was so frusrated that removed eM Client from my Pc and changed to Windows Live. I had IMAP setting, unfortunatly and can not send you any mails. If you know how to fix it, then I am prepared to go back to eM Client.

I will send you the Beta as soon as we finish it. It contains lot of improvements and fixes and may solve your problem.