Can messages in a folder be displayed in order of date of RECEIPT?

I’ve just started a trial with eM Client, and have migrated everything from Windows Mail (Vista). It seems that messages in a folder are displayed in eM Client by date sent; it is possible to display them by date received, as they are in Windows Mail?

It matters because senders do not always have the right date set in their computer.  I have a message which I received in 2001, with a date sent of 2023-06-06.  eM Client shows it as the most recent message in the Inbox, and groups it as “Future”.

I notice that the eM Client display is headed “Sorted by Received”, and that the Message Properties give the same “Received” and “Sent” dates (viz 2023-06-06). In Windows Mail, this is the only date I see in the message itself, but the message properties correctly give different sent and received dates.


By default they are sorted by Received and not Sent, unless you changed that. Clicking on the word Received in the header line will enable you to change the sort criteria.

But it may be that the messages are in some way corrupt. Is this happening with new messages you are now receiving or only with messages you imported from Windows Mail? (Windows Live Mail?)

Thanks for your reply. It is only the imported messages, which come from Windows Mail (Vista), which are wrongly ordered.  It seems that the import process assigns the “date sent” to both the “date sent” and “date received” fields, whereas new messages can have different sent and received times.  A ticket has been raised to examine this.

Thanks Ciarán. I hope you will comment further when you get some feedback. I saw this once before but cannot remember what I did to resolve it.

It might have been a database repair though. You can try that by closing eM Client, then running C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\DbRepair.exe

No feedback to report yet.  The ticket number is #94964, but I don’t see how to access it — perhaps because I have only a free licence.