Can I use eM Client on two devices

Can I use eM Client on two devices although I am on PC currently. I want to install on my mobile device in addition to the PC. Can I somehow do that? I am on free personal plan.

you’re not using 1 license on 2 devices.
youre using 2 different licences on 2 devices.
no problem until now I guess.
that is, if the mobile device is a cellphone not a Laptop.

The eM Client mobile app doesn’t use a license. So you can activate your license on the PC, and use it on the mobile device without one.

Just want to clarify to all my need for eM Client.

The PC installation was done to ditch New Outlook and eM Client is much better and has email, Contacts and Calendar sync of both my Hotmail and Gmail accounts.

Likewise I want to ditch the Outlook app for Mobile since it is too slow. I want to install eM Client on mobile provided it has email, contacts and Calendar sync capabilities. I also want to use primarily for my Hotmail account with Outlook account Contacts and Calendar syncing with my Mobile Android’s Contact and Calendar apps to mimic the Outlook for Mobile set up (My Gmail and Google contacts and Calendar is being handled fine on the Mobile so no need to include that on eM Client mobile app).

Will eM Client on mobile be able to do above?

eM Client for iOS and Android currently only contains email management features, but that is of course not where we plan to leave things off – Calendar, Contacts and other functionality, well-known from the Desktop version, are coming soon to the mobile versions as well, our team is already working on it.

Do you know when will the rest of the features - Tasks, Calendar, Contacts arrive in eM Client Mobile?

Based on my past experience with eM Client, their usually release time-line is “when it is ready”. They usually always try to take an extended period of time to test things as much possible within reason before releasing for general usage. Most dates that have been given in the forums for any release has been more often than naught, subject to change.

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if your mail provider does Caldav/Carddav and it works with your desktop Client, you can connect to that with the ios-default apps in the time you’re waiting.
the connections on ios are not made inside those apps but in the system settings for those apps.
if the connection to your Carddav addresses is made under ios , if you type some letters in ios emclient some are suggested to you whereas in the ios mail you have a plus sign and the address list pops open.

desktop provider ios
emclient mail imap/smtp emclient ios
emclient:address carddav ios contacts
emclient: tasks caldav ios reminder
emclient: events caldav ios calendar