can I use a pop. server for incoming email?

Em Client appears to require an IMAP incoming server; my account only uses POP.

yes, you can. I’m using a POP server for all my e-mail accounts.

You can specify that when you manually create an e-mail account.

Tools --> Accounts

Click on [new account…]

Click on the header [Mail]

Select ‘other’

Press next.

You can use POP. If your account isn’t one that has a pre-defined wizard on the setup page, go to Tools > Accounts > New Account > Mail > Other and enter the server and account information manually. The second screen gives you the option of POP vs. IMAP

Thanks guys!

Sorry for the redundant reply. Hans and I must have replied at the exact same time, because I didn’t see his reply when I wrote mine.

Same counts for me Mike :slight_smile:

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Hi, automatic setup will always use IMAP if possible, it is to prevent issues with POP3 which is much older and less reliable protocol.

that is why you have to use manual setup for POP3.