Can I turn off Notice Popups?

How do I turn off automatic notificaiton in em client? If I type the word “attachment” in an email, I get a notice window popup. I don’t want em client analyzing my email text. Is there a way to do that?

Hi, unfortunately there’s no setting that would allow this to be turned, although it’s a good suggestion for improving the application in future relases. It may be a bit annoying.
Just to let you know, eM Client doesn’t analyze your messages, it’s a simple popup for reminding you to add the attachment, just so nobody forgets about it. But it would be nice to turn it off.

Thank you for pointing this out, I’ll pass the idea to developers,

I now have the answer
Tools > Settings > General > Confirmations

There’s a check off box near the bottom of the screen:

“notify if sending an email without attachment…were found in the email body”

Oh. Sorry about that, I thought there was a setting for that but couldn’t find it. Glad you did. Sorry for the misunderstanding.