Can I set reminders to may emails with eM Client? or/and can I link an email with a task?

My e-mails are related with tasks I have to do, so I would like to link them (I don’t want to copy the mails to the task descriptions). Also, I want to follow my e-mails, ex: remember to answer some of them, or remember to read them.
Does eM Client has those features? (I think outlook has them)

We don’t support email reminders or email-task links currently (but these links are under consideration right now). But you can flag (click at a flag to the right of the email in list) an email and it will be visible in To-do list at your right sidebar along with your tasks.

Flagging the eMails with a date to highlight them then would be great!!!


unfortunately we do not think about implementing this feature at this moment.

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Thats the greatest powerfull Feature for me
to keep an overview of hundrets of Mails.

So, I will continue to use MS OL. :frowning:

I am sorry to read this, thank you for trying eM Client anyway.

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I agree with the comments above. Not having a way to either open an email from a link, or link an email to a task at a particular date, would make it really hard to manage my inbox and keep it from turning into a huge mess… It’d be great if there’s a good workaround for this that anyone has found out.

You can create a ‘meeting’ or a ‘task’ from an e-mail when you’re reading an e-mail and open the ‘actions’ menu.

screen shot:

But I don’t know whether that ‘meeting’ or ‘task’ will be linked to the e-mail which was used to create the ‘meeting’ or ‘action’.