Can I retrieve em client folders/emails from old non working desktop onto my new desktop

Can I retrieve my em client folders/emails from my old desktop that has given up on me. I’m now waiting for a new desktop to arrive and want to continue using em client

Hello Tracy,
best way would be to take your eM Client backup and restoring from it on your new device, if you made backups before.
If you have not, you can try copying your old database, installing eM Client on your new device and closing it and replacing the new, empty database with the one from your old device.
If you do not have any of the emails stored locally only but on an IMAP/Exchange server you can just set up your accounts again and synchronize with the server.


I haven’t taken back-ups but have managed to get the data from my old computers hard drive onto a flash drive. I have managed to set up eM Client on my new pc and I am now receiving and sending new emails but I still dont know how to get all my old emails, contacts and calendar data transferred over. I’ve inserted the flash drive that contains all the old data and can see a folder called eM Client but when I do file, Import it asks what action to chose and I really dont have a clue ??? Any more help from someone would be much appreciated. I think what I need is a basic set of instructions on how to do this assuming file import is the correct way. Surely there must be a way to do this ?

The old EMClient mail database is normally located in Windows in the hidden Appdata \ Roaming \ EMClient folder. You would normally copy everything from this old hard drive hidden folder to your new computer EMClient hidden folder.


Install the (Same version) of EMClient as you had on your old hard-disk on your new computer and then open EMClient (but don’t setup an email account ). Then close EMClient.

Next go to the EMClient hidden folder (As above) on your old hard-disk and copy all the contents.

Then go to the new EMClient hidden folder on your new pc and paste and overwrite everything.

Finally open EMClient and it should now show everything as it was before on your old computer. EMClient will then update to the latest version if it wasn’t previously and migrate your data as well.

Note: If you are not confident doing this see a PC technician.