Can I restore the content of a folder that disappeared?

Hi! I renamed a folder and all the content disappeared, can I retrieve my emails please? If so, how? Thank you!!

Hello eM Client staff, is anyone home? Like Emmanuelle, I lost all my subfolders in Local Folders today. I need to retrieve my emails, too. Please answer!!

Hello Emmanuelle,

Could you please check whether you still have the content folder on the server? Do you have a backup? What e-mail service do you use?

Thank you,

Hello Kathleen,

Could we please ask you what service do you use? We would also ask you to verify if all of your subfolders are showing. Could you please right-click on Local folders in the left pane, select Show/hide folders… and see if all the visibility is set to ‘Show’ for all of your local folders?
Could it perhaps be possible that you moved these folders into another folder?

Thank you,

Hi Maurice! Folder is there, but not content. No backup. Not sure about your last question, I use eM client.

I right-clicked on the Local Folders and selected Show/Hide. All are set to “Show.” I have checked every folder to see if I somehow moved 20 subfolders into one of them but the folders do not have any subfolders. I tried doing a Restore but eM Client says it can’t find a particular folder path. I can find the path on my computer, but the folder it is pointing to doesn’t have any eM Client material.

I am using a Microsoft Exchange service through a corporate domain. Does that help?

Hello everybody,

Unless you have a backup or have the data on the server, there is unfortunately no way of recovering it. If it is possible for you to reproduce this problem then we would ask you for a demonstration, otherwise we unfortunately do not have anything to go on.

With apologies,