Can I reduce the row size in the calendar?

My days start as early as 6am and go as late as 9pm.  I like the 15 minute breaks in the calendar view.  I use Week View as my standard starting point.  Is there a way to reduce the height of the calendar rows so I can see more of my calendar?  The list font preferences on the right do not change the calendar.

Hi Dale, you can adjust the zooming on the calendar just as you can do with the messages in the mail tab.
Use Ctrl++ and Ctrl± to adjust the zoom or ctrl+0 to get to the default zoom level.

However I’ve just noticed the default eM Client shortcut for switching to mail layout is also ctrl++, so you might have to adjust your shortcut preferences in Tools > Settings > General > Shortcuts.

Hope this helps,

When I’m in the calendar view (Week View) I tried ctrl++ and ctrl± and nothing happens.  I did use ctrl+ mouse wheel and that goes between the different settings of showing rows per hour/half/15/10.  So for now I set at on the half hour which allows me to see more of the calendar but I really do like the per 15.  Not a big deal, but if you can tell me how to get the zoom to work would be ideal.


Hi Dale, thank you for reporting this, it seems like the shortcuts for zooming in and out are not working in the calendar, I’ve reported the issue to the developers and hopefully we’ll be able to improve this for future updates of the application.

Also, the smallest chunk the application can display is a 5 minute row, but a 15 minute zoom option is also available, e.g. one where one position in the calendar represents 15minutes in your calendar.

Hope this helps,