Can I partially reinstall data?

I have had a data loss of about 5 months worth of e-mails which I would like to retrieve from my back-up. It happened some time ago, to the following e-mails would be lost if I reinstall the whole back-up file. Is there a way I can decide what data to get back again? E.g from specific day and 5 months forward?
All the best

As far as I know all your existing data would be overwritten if you restore an eM Client backup.

Method that should work if the lost data is email:

  1. Save the current database.
  2. Restoring the old database.
  3. Forward the emails to be recovered to your email address, as attachments (they will be in * .eml format), recover this email and save the attached emails, for example, on the desktop.
  4. Restore today’s database saved in 1.
  5. Import the * eml mail.