Can I open two copies of eM client so one can show email and a second calendar?

I usually like to have two windows open - One for email a second for calendar so I can check both. Is there any way to open two copies of eM Client or undock a window?

It is not possible.

I would find this feature super helpful as well. Often when doing a calendar entry I want to see other calendar entries as well as recent emails. Being able to see only one or the other is quite limiting.

We will consider it.

+1 for this too, this is the main thing I noticed coming from Outlook. Especially using Google Apps I have lots of appointments and it is very useful to be able to see the calendar whilst looking at emails and meeting requests.

I would like to add my vote. This is probably the best feature you could add.

I use the Agenda sidebar. Does that not work for you?

The Agenda sidebar does work, but has very limited functionality. I would prefer the view I get in the calendar (work or month depending on the individual).


because of numerous requests for this, I will make this topic into an “Idea under consideration”


I just started using eM Client and heartily endorse this feature request. Opening E-mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks for simultaneously viewing is a productivity booster that I miss after leaving Microsoft Outlook.

I’d love this as well. I use a second monitor and would like to have the calendar open all the time there.