Can I mark and move marked messages to specific folder?

I ́d like to be able to click on various individual messages to mark them and then drag them to specific folders I have created.

Hi, yes you can do this, unfortunately there’s no checkbox for this as you may be used to from outlook, but you can select multiple emails by using ctrl while selecting emails.
And then simply drag them to a desired folder or use Ctrl + shift + v, to select the folder you want to move your emails to.

Hope this helps,

Most useful thank you, but why do they remain in the unread folder; because if they are then deleted from this folder, they are also deleted from the folder to which they have been moved.

Unread folders collect unread emails from all the folders, so if you move your email to any folder but it’s marked as unread it will be still displayed in this folder.

Thank you,

Got it. Makes sense. Thank you again Paul.