Can I install another language dictionary like Danish?

Its pretty simpel:
Can I install another language dictionary like Danish?

We plan Danish localization (as well as some others) but in longer time horizon. To the next major version (3.5) we added Polish and Swedish localizations and improved English and Czech localizations.

Or you can work out your own localization following instructions available at .

This is quite easy. Find C:\Program Files\eM Client\Dictionaries, and here you place the 2 following files. da-DK.aff and da-DK.dic
The 2 files can be found on the internet from a linux distribution.
Please make sure that the spelling is excact.
Then you can spell in Danish.

I did this for slovenian language but emClient does not detect my dictionaries.
I’ve put files to dictionary filder and are named sl_SI.aff and sl_SI.dic .
Downloaded from…

Any idea what could be wrong? (permissions are checked and I also tried to run emClient as administrator!)

Hi Denis

The answer is very simple, the names of the two file are wrong… …
sl_SI.aff and sl_SI.dic try changer them for: sl-SI.aff and sl-SI.dic …
and it will work…