Can I import the spell checker additions I made to v8?

I had to install v8 bare bones and import everything from v7 to v8. Somehow the spell checker additions I made were not included. In other words in spell check you can hit “Add” to add your special words to the spell checker, so it won’t see those as misspelled. Is there a way to import those spell check additions? I still have v7 on another computer.

The additions you make will be in a file called en-GB.custdic or prefixed by another language code like en-US, de-DE etc. If you use multiple spell check languages in eM Client, you may have multiple *.custdic files. You will find these in your database directory which by default is C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\

It is just a text file with a word list, each word on a new line, so you can open and edit it with your preferred text editor.

Unfortunately this file is not included in your eM Client backup.

With eM Client closed copy the file from the other computer with version 7 to your database directory on the new install.

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