Can I import my Postbox mail boxes into eM Client?

Looking to change from Postbox to emClient. Can I import my Postbox mail folders from into emClient? Postbox is based upon Thunderbird, but I don’t know how different the formats may be.

you should be able to do an import into thunderbird and from thunderbird to eM client.
You can try do the import straight away, but there might be some issues with it.
(We’re planning to include postbox import as a default setting)

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Postbox stopped synching with Google Calendar today, so it’s time to try emClient.

There seems to be no way to import from PB (which of course is built on Thunderbird.)

Any ideas?

Hi, unfortunately it is not supported to import data directly from Postbox, however if you’re able to export data out of Postbox, you should be able to import any local data into eM Client using the import feature in File > Import.
All standard file types such as .eml / .vcf / .icf for email, contacts or calendar import are supported.

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