Can I have two completly separate em Client email accounts in two separate apps on the same computer

Two completely separate eM Client accounts

Likely can not run two separate apps, but can have two or more accounts in same app. I think - could be wrong - you have to manually toggle back and forth as only one acct. can be active at a time.

Not positive on that last point, as I have an ATT/Yahoo acct active as default main email and an  iCloud acct. as #2 and active too for syncing with all iStuff. If  you’are ok with all in the same app, experiment by creating the 2nd account while leaving the 1st one as default and see if the email comes down from the 2nd acct. But you probably want the email in separate streams,  not commingled.

Apple mail does this (iPad/iPhone) supporting multiple accounts in tandem, but mail is comingled.

I’m still on, so mileage may vary on v7.

Thank you.  Worth a shot.  I’ll give it a try.

Just remembered that the free version, with v6.xx I use anyway, limits you to 2 accts max. Need the pay version for more than 2 accts. I think.