Can I have my eM Client 7 look like 6

I was very happy with eM Client with version 6. It was simple to use, easy to look at and I didn’t have confusing threads of emails. I don’t like the new look. I can’t adjust my theme, there is no colour option. Can you create an option for a version 6 GUI, or do I need to go back to using 6?

So I couldn’t take it anymore and went back to 6, now I am happy. Why would I want to sort by sender and have my emails come up in the inbox? I click sender so I can go back and find an attachment they sent in a previous email.

Most people prefer conversation view nowadays and without it I would never have considered emClient. It does not sort by sender but keeps actual conversations together. Anyway you can very simply turn conversation / threaded view off in 7: Menu-View-Conversations

There are several themes and since I never used v6 I don’t know about the color-selector feature. Anyway you can export the built-in theme that comes closest to what you like and edit the XML.

I purchased eM Client 6 Pro a few months ago, and have decided to stay with that for now, as one cannot run 7 while 6 is installed to test it out.  Too, if many of the complaints are true, eM Client 7 lacks some of the features in 6 that one would think would be passed on to the new version. Perhaps it has some new, compelling features we haven’t heard about?  

I’m happy with 6, and since I paid for it so recently, I will just wait to see if I start hearing more positive comments about 7 before I consider upgrading.

I kind of wonder: on one hand they claim not to change or add features to keep the user-experience consistent when asked why things do not get implemented; on the other hand in an update that is offered inline without further information about feature losses or massive changes in user-experience such changes are made and considered an improvement.

On one hand, many many very simple and basic ideas and wishes for features are stated and collected in the forums, are even marked “planned” - but in a major update that has been worked on for years, they are not implemented. While I do consider version 7 a great improvement over 6 for my workflow, I really wonder about the small scope of features and ideas implemented over a very long time.

The three or four biggest issues I have with the program have been requested for years, could be achieved by options in order to not break user-experience, would not blow up the code and for my understanding of coding could be implemented in a few days work by a single developer. It seems to lack willingness, wich I really do not understand.

It kind of makes me feel overlooked and helpless, it breaks and overlaps my otherwise positive notion towards the program (esp. considering the current options for windows mailclients). It’s not so much the lack of features per se, but the way simple, logical and big time asked for features are simply ignored for such a long time. As a developer I would strive to achieve as much customer satisfaction now where I can, there are always more big improvements to be made that will surely lead to people going happily for new major versions.

Thanks for your reply Andreas, I will look into turning off thread on my other computer as it definitely doesn’t work for me. In fact, that and Gmail integration are my main reasons for using it. I am using it in a business situation and it is vital that I can use it correctly. I am not interested in a flashy interface where everything is hard to do like Windows 10. I have no issue with these features being available, but there is no option for my eM Client 7 Mystic theme to look like my eM Client Mystic theme. As I said, I do not seem to be able to customise my eM Client 7 themes at all, I only have the first two options in the drop down.

Is there a way to customise the width of the messages panel in eM Client? I want single line messages, minimum columns the maximum message view panel width on my laptop. When I make the left panel width small it goes to double lines, and there is a point where columns are wider than necessary, but can’t be reduced in single line.

Look through the settings, most options are there . Like: Settings-Mail-Read Scroll all the way down: “use compact layout in widths…” tick off and then: “Always use single line layout”. Columns can be customised as well, right click an a column header…

Thanks, this makes it much more usable, but still too white. I will see how it goes.

I like the dark themes… I customized the dark theme to my liking by editing the xml .emtheme If only a few elements need to be changed based on your favorite theme (Mystic?) I might be able to help with that.

Can you point me to how I can do this. As I explained, when I upgraded to 7 “Create theme from color” was not in the drop down.

BTW, except for a few issues I love eM Client faaarrrr better than anything else for gmail integration.

Full acknowledge, Andreas!

As said one needs to edit the XML now; export the theme closest to ones liking, edit the xml, import that and use as custom theme.