Can I have free version and pro version on same computer

Can I have em client free version and em client pro version both on the same computer


The license is for the whole device, so either you activate a Free license, or you activate a Pro license.

Thanks … if my free license was created with a email account that is not longer active (was hacked and deleted) is there a way to change the email that is associated with my license.

Yes. Just send me an email directly on [email protected] with the license details, and the new email address, and I will do it for you.

OK …thanks! I will send the address

Once I get the email associated with my account, I plan to upgrade to pro. Will I lose all the history that I have with my free version?

When you activate a Pro license, all the data and settings will remain the same, just the Pro features will be unlocked.

I got them … thanks …