Can I export my messages and email address book to a format that I can import into MS Outlook on another computer?

I am using eM Client on my home PC, and want to export my messages and my contacts info to my computer at work which is running MS Outlook 2010. Is there a way to make this happen?


Unfortunately there is not easy way how to export large amount of emails.

Only way we could figure out is make a new email, drag and drop email which you want to export as attachment into new mail window.
Then send it and in outlook drag and drop it into folder you want/need it to be.

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This is not my problem, but I saw this and wonder if IMAP would allow for a work-around. Maybe setup a google account, then copy from a local folder to the corresponding google folder. Would EM client then sync the online folder to that? And then you could get it into Outlook from Gmail…

Just an idea…


Yes, this could work also.