Can I delete eMClient folder and keep eMClient Preview folder?

I have two folders in my Roaming profile: eM Client and eM Client Preview. I am using the version 7 beta 2 version and have no intentions of reverting to version 6. I would like to delete one of these folders, presumably the eM Client folder, to recover the 1Gb of storage it is using. Is it safe to delete this folder?


As you guessed, eM Client folder = eM Client 6, eM Client Preview = eM Client 7. I’d still recommend regular backups of your eMC 7 database, but it is safe to delete the eM Client folder as that is used only by eMC 6.



Thanks. Just in case, I zipped the v6 eM Client folder and deleted the unzipped folder.

Please note that the eM Client folder contains the Themes folder, which does not exist in the beta 7 installation. So deleting the entire em Client folder in favor of the the eM Client Preview folder will remove any custom themes stored therein.

Fortunately prior to deletion of the v6 installation, I had duplicated this version 6 Themes folder and placed it in the eM Client Preview folder. Yet this Themes folder is not recognized by beta 7 v2 so I had to manually import these custom themes into the beta 2 version.

After importing my themes I ended up with a folder in the Roaming directory entitled “eM Client” containing only the Themes folder. This eM Client folder exists alongside the eM Client Preview folder for the beta 7 release.  In other words, in the Roaming directory I now see two folders:

eM Client (contains only the Themes folder)
eM Client Preview (contains the entire v7 beta release)

Looks like the beta 7 needs some fixes that would comprehend the proper storage location for user created Themes that would eliminate the creation of a separate eM Client folder.

Also, the version 6 backup scheduler needs to be modified for beta 7. The arguments for the scheduled task must read as follows:

-backup -databasedir “C:\Users\Patrick\AppData\Roaming\ eM Client Preview” -backupdir “C:\Email Backups” -preserve 2  -instanceString “eM_Client_C__Users_Patrick_AppData_Roaming_ eM_Client_Preview _” -silence

Mr. Adler,

Any response to my observations above?