Can I customize the contacts view?

The Business Card view is the only view that shows the contact picture however the card view is very limited in what it shows. The other views do not show contact pictures. Can I customize to show a view similiar to outlook 2013 or Also, when I double click on a contact, the information shown is very limited. For example, it only shows one email…

No, this is not possible at the moment. I will add it to our list of feature requests.

Can you change how the business card viewer is shown? Now by default its Last name, First Name? I want it to be First name Last name. Is that possible?? That would be the first step in replacing icloud (web based) completly if that would be possible…

Hi, please go to Tools > Settings > Contacts > File As, and select the option to file new contacts as Name, Surname.
When you do this, you have to Update the current contacts, so click on “Update Contacts” and select the contacts folders where you want to see the contacts listed as mentioned.

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Let me add to this please.

It is important to keep prospective customers as close to their comfort zones as possible.  The idea is to improve their experience not trade off on the weakness list.  Outlook with all it’s flaws handles contacts very well.  Many prospective customers are coming from there and need some obvious features:

  1. Changing File-as in the settings and updating the contacts will change it for all of them, even the ones you want to keep the same. A list of file-as choices when you edit an individual contact would go a long way towards convenience.  It should include company name selections.  Right now I have to type these in.  It’s frightening to think how much work would be created if I ever accidentally update from the settings.  maybe this setting should apply to new contacts only.
  2. Admittedly, not being able to easily file exactly as we want is mitigated somewhat by the super fast search.  This is great but still not the solution.
  3. The business card view is the only easy-to read view.  it should be customizable so fields can be added.  The linear report views are pretty difficult to read. I really need more fields displayed such as job title and company.
  4. At minimum, please label the fields on the card.  I’d like to know which phone number I’m looking at so I don’t accidentally dial someones kids at home.
    I’m a newbie with stuff to learn.  But these are the things I keep bumping in to.  I’ll continue my trial run and see how it goes.  This one is particularly frustrating as I add contacts all the time.

Thanks for listening.


Hi again, just to let you know the File as issue has already been addressed and fixed, you can download the update containing the fix here:,
Thank you for all your suggestions, we’ll consider improving the feature in future releases as well.

You might find other views come in handy as well, as for Phone and Custom View, you can setup the columns that will be shown and you’ll be able to sort your contacts by using columns, by right clicking one of the columns and select “Columns configuration…”.

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