can i change the order of local folders?

i am new. i believe i have read that i cannot change local folder names - fine. however, i need to change the order of the folders i create. how do i do that?

I don’t believe you can do that Bruce.  

The main sections are always in the order of Smart Folders, Search Folders, Account Folders, then Local Folders. You can change the order of individual accounts within account folders, so if you have two Gmail accounts, you can choose which one is at the top of the list. That is done in Menu > Tools > Accounts by changing the order it appears there.

Within each individual account folder, it will always be in the order of system folders first (Inbox, Sent, Trash etc.) then folders you create on the top level follow in alphabetical order. The same with sub-folders of Inbox; they will always be in alphabetical order.

This is a bit late, but as Gary mentioned above, folders in Local Folders are ordered alphabetically. So if you need to specify the order, just name the folders alphabetically. For example, I had a couple of existing folders that I wanted to appear at the top of the list. Renaming them didn’t work, so I just created new folders named 01_[FolderName] and 02_[FolderName] and moved the emails from the existing folders to the new folders, then deleted the original folders.