Can I block eMclient from sending and replying to all email

Can any one help ? … setting up eMclient 8 to check a gmail account for new mail … but I just want eMclient to be able to view email only, not reply or send email … My senior client requires read only for all incoming mail. any ideas ? Cheers

I know, that’s far away from your question: I’d forward them to a second account. That way, you can always “restore” an email by forwarding it again and your client will reply to himself, which shouldn’t harm anyone. (You could then add a rule to delete that involuntary reply.) Or enter false SMTP-Settings, send an email and hit IGNORE on the error.

Another option could be using exchange, sharing the inbox read-only

cheers :slight_smile: eMclient wouldnt hold false smtp settings … my second option Thunderbird lets me set it up fine with a false smtp server… so problem sold with Thunderbird :slight_smile: