Can I backup eM Client emails on my system?

I want to download data from the eM client account on my system. How can I do this?

There are two methods depending on how you want to later use the data:

  1. eM Client Backup. This method, which you can run from Menu > Backup, takes a snapshot of the eM Client database. You can restore it at a later time to revet eM Client to the way it was when you made the backup. This creates a zip file which is only useable by eM Client’s Menu > File > Restore.

  2. Export. You can also export your messages using Menu > File > Export > Export Emails to eml files. This will create files on your device that can be opened later using eM Client or any other email application that supports this universal message standard.


Thank you for this solution. However, can this method also backup my emails with attachments?

Hey, if you want to backup eM Client emails on your system. Then you must use an easy and simple tool i.e. eM Client converter. It effortlessly convert all of your eM Client emails to various file formats such as PST, MBOX, PDF etc. That you can easily access in your system.


Thank you for this solution. However, can this method also backup my emails with attachments

If you have a POP account and currently download all messages from your mail server to eM Client, then backing up via the built-in “Menu / Backup” as @Gary advised above will also include all messages & attachments etc.

However if you use an IMAP, Exchange or iCloud account and want to save messages locally on your computer, you will need to either copy any messages to the “Local Folders” in a folder of your choice and then backup in eM Client, or use the automatic archive feature to save them from your cloud server accounts automatically to the local folders and then backup in eM Client.

Otherwise you normally have to export your messages as @Gary & @Contarino explained.

So all depends on the type of accounts you have.

I personally use the built-in backup in eM Client with my IMAP & Exchange accounts and save anything locally to Local Folders if I need to which is then all included in the EMC backup.

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