Can Em download G-mail and still leave my G-mail on the G-mail server ?

I’m looking for a good stand alone Email client, that I can use to download my G-mail for backup purposes without deleting my Gmail from my online G-mail server. Doe’s anyone know if eM Client can do this ?

I’ve heard horror stories of other people with other stand alone clients accidentally erasing all their on line Email when they want it left there.

Any input would be greatly appreciated…

John ( missouri )

John, check out this thread:…

If you set up gmail as POP instead of IMAP (the default), and select to leave the mail on the server, it should do what you’re looking for.

Thanks for digging out that information for me… It’s appreciated…


If you use imap, the em-client always leaves the mail on the server, as long you dont kill it. So you can see ever all mails in other clients like smartphone clients too.
If you want to save the mails outside the server you can save every mail alone extern as a file or you create a new folder “save” and store it intern in em-client.