Can eM Client sync with email contact groups created in Gmail?

Is it possible to sync email contact groups (email distribution lists) created in Gmail with eM client?

Currently, I am able to see all email contacts created in Gmail, except email contact groups. This implies that I would have to recreate these distribution lists again in eM Client. Yikes!

It would be nice to be able to sync these distribution lists so that I can update my Gmail contact groups (email distribution lists) while using eM Client.

Please advise.

I have several distribution lists that are sync’d with gmail. I first created them in emClient, and then they were sync’d to gmail. I haven’t tried it going initially from gmail.


Thanks Mike.

Will try it that way. Makes intuitive sense, especially since eM client is what I use anyway.


I’m new to eM - and so far, I’m pretty impressed. Yet, I face the same problreme as the starter of this thread… I do have a number of contact groups in Gmail and would love to see them in eM Client. I do see all the single contacts, I do see the respective contact category - but there seems to be no obvious way to send a mail to this contact list… Do I miss something, or is this not yet possible?

Hi, we are currently working on it.

The quickest way currently to email a Contact Group that was created in Gmail…

When composing a New Mail, click “To” which opens the Select Contact box.

Then under “Contact Folder” select your Google Group (which are all listed under Contacts).

Then select the first contact on the list and Shift+select the last, to select them all.

Click “OK” to return to your New Message with all contacts in the group selected.

It would definitely be quicker to be able to just type the Group name into the “To” field… I too am looking forward to seeing this feature added!

Has this ever been resolved?