Can eM Client forward my email if I'm no longer running the application?

I’ve been using eM Client for a couple of years but recently my computer was compromised by someone who gained remote control of it. I’m concerned that he may have set up rules in eM Client to forward my email to himself. After the breech, I chose not to use that particular computer ever again since it was Windows 7 and I needed to move to Windows 10, and I purchased a new computer abandoning the old. I also am not using eM Client on my new computer. I don’t have access to the old computer any longer and my concern is that eM Client could be forwarding my email. Is that even possible since eM Client is an application and I’m no longer running the eM Client application that was installed on the old PC that is no longer in service? Do I have anything to worry about?

These settings are stored locally on the computer and not synced with a server so if you setup any email client on a computer, and create Rules or filters, if you don’t turn on that computer they will not be applied. 

But it depends on what you did with the old computer. If you gave it to someone without first uninstalling the applications, they will certainly have access not only to your Rules, but to all your data in eM Client and the rest of the computer. If you still have the computer, start it up, then uninstall eM Client. You will be asked if you want to delete the database directory during the uninstall. Choose to delete it and all your eM Client data, including settings like Rules and account access info will be removed from that hard disk.