Can eM Client choose which "From" address I send from based on who the email is going to?

When I use other email clients (outlook, spark etc), when I start a new email it picks a “from” email address for me based on who I’m emailing (ie if I’ve emailed the person before on a specific account it will use that account to send the new email). Does eM Client have anything like this? I don’t want to mix work and personal email addresses and it’s really easy to send out an email using the wrong address.

Hello John,
If you are inside the folders of an account, a new message will be sent from this mail account.
If you are in Smart/Local folders, the default mail address will be used.
If you are REPLYING to an email, the email address which the message has been sent to will be used (if this address is one of your accounts or aliases).


You say when I REPLY to a message, that the address they wrote to me at will be the address my reply comes from *IF* I am using Smart or Local folders. 
> Is that correct? 

I have one account setup so far in eM Client: my GMAIL-synced account. 

So as I understand it, all emails sent from my sole eM Client acct will read FROM “me@gmail”.  
> Is this so?

> Is there no way to send FROM using another address even though I have some 40 accounts setup as alternate FROM addresses in gMail?