calender timezone help

Hello, fellow eM’ers.

I am having some issues with my calendar on eM. My eM calender is currently stuck on western time and I want to change it to Eastern Time but can’t find a setting in eM that allows me to permanently change time zones. Also, whenever I create events on my ical as Eastern time, it shows as Western time on eM and my whole schedule is skewed.

Does Anyone know how to permanently change your time zone on eM calendar?

Also** side note: There this annoying operations window with old or irrelevant, errors that always pops up whenever I open eM. If anyone knows how to get rid of that, that would also be extremely helpful as well

Hi Chris

There is no setting in eM Client to change the time zone for the whole calendar. That is taken from your Windows settings. Check that you have that set to Eastern Time.

In the operations window that pops up, if you click Ignore All the old warnings will disappear. Though it is not advised, you can hide the operations windows permanently in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Operations Window.