Calender invitations from personal calender

Hello i am new to the em clien.
I am testing em for the past month to see if our company can switch to it.
We encountered the following problems:

  1. Calendar invites.
    When im trying to sent an invite from my personal calendar outside of my organization, the em client doesn’t send any invites. Is there a way to resolve this?
    The calendar account was created with caldav settings.
  2. When I tried to search with Keywords to find and old email , em doesn’t show all relevant email and I have to use outlook to find the emails that I want.
  3. The signatures some times is not as I sent it, the logo will be some time unaligned with the text.

Normally it is the calendar server that sends the invite. This is certainly true with CalDAV, and if the server says it will send it, we take no action. So there may be an issue with the CalDAV provider.

There is a drop-down arrow in the search box. Before you hit Enter to begin the search, make sure you have selected the correct folders and fields where you expect the search criteria to be found.

That really depends on how you have aligned the image when you created the signature. Spaces are not a good idea. Best is to use a table with separate cells for the text and the image. You can then manually specify the alignment for each cell.

Hi Gary and thanks for the response.

For the problem with the calender until now we were using outlook 2019 and the invites are sent normaly, but if i create an event with em and add people on this event it doesnt sent any invitation.

If you create the event in a Local Folder calendar, then eM Client will send the invitation. If you create the event in a CalDAV calendar, then the server would normally send the invite.

So, create a test event in the Local Folder calendar and see what happens.

If the Local Folders calendar is not visible, go to Menu > Settings > General > General and select Show Local Folders.