Calendars not refreshing

I have 4 calendars associated with my gmail account and properly assigned to eM Client. However, only the primary calendar seems to auto refresh–this is confirmed in the log files. I have to manually refresh for the other calendars to update. Please advise? There did not seem to be any problems in version 6.

This is a bug with eM client in V7. I went back and forth with support trying to explain this issue. Even though I documented it with video evidence, they didn’t seem to accept or understand why it was an issue.

It’s the single biggest em client annoyance for me. I have shared Google calendars with my wife and receptionist and if I forget to constantly refresh the calendar page, I miss important appointments.  

They have accepted it and it has been fixed in an internal 7.1 version that I have tested. It does work. So just wait for the final 7.1 release. In the meantime, just refresh,

This problem is not fixed with 7.1 up to now, I’m still experiencing it with all of my users using the combination of Google Calendar and emClient.

I’m on the most recent version 7 build (I’m at work and can’t check the exact version right now). I’m still seeing this on a daily basis, even after leaving the program open for hours at a time.

It is a known issue with eM Client and Google calendars, and one of the reasons I don’t use GMail with eM Client. As always, if you are not using the latest version, download it from, as there may be some improvements.

So, what email client (if any) are you using for Gmail? I chose eM Client because I would prefer desktop notifications rather than relying on my phone (which I may or may not feel the vibrations from reliably)?

I don’t use GMail. I have one GMail address, but that is forwarded to another provider in case anyone still has that.