Calendars keep disappearing

My Calendar tab has a series of potential Calendar’s to highlight, with my own of course on top.
Each Calendar has a colored box to the left
When I click on a colored box, works great.  That person’s Calendar events start appearing along with my own.
However if I instead click directly on a name (not the box), it appears that it automatically un-selects everything else, including my own.  I often do that inadvertently, and it is annoying.  Further if I click on the same name again it un-selects that Calendar (which makes sense); but now I have no Calendars selected.  And from that point, I cannot pick a new Calendar at all.  I have to completely close emClient to get Calendars back up.


To select multiple calendars for simultaneous viewing, simply click on the checkboxes, take care not to click the names as that will display only one calendar. If you happen to have no calendars selected, simply click on a checkbox of the calendar you want to view and it should appear again.