Calendar: When the reminder of an event is modified, Google Calendar event is not updated (synchronized)


I stumbled upon an annoying bug when you’re using Google Calendar from several devices:

  • create a new event with eM Client, set a reminder to “At start”
  • the event is properly created on Google Calendar, and visible from other devices with “At start” reminder,
  • now edit the event, and change the reminder to “10 minutes”, it is correctly taken into account within eM Client,
  • but displaying the event on another device shows that the reminder is still “At start”, thus highlighting that Google Calendar was not updated upon such a change from eM Client

Hope that could be fixed shortly in an upcoming version, as currently I have no other workaround to not forget not doing this, and recreate the event instead, which is really a pain.


Did you press the Refresh button? If so and the problem still persists, let me know.

Hi George,

Just did, and it works indeeed: event is updated then. So, this is an acceptable workaround, but I think it should be considered as a bug to not update the event automatically after it was modified in eM Client, as user doesn’t expect to press Refresh each time he changes something, don’t you think?

Thanks for you support

Actually, it should be refreshed automatically - I do not know why it does not work. What version are you exactly using?

It is automatic when the event is created, but not when it is modified, well… at least for the “Reminder” field, didn’t check for other changes.

Synchronization is performed automatically when you change the event so it is immediately updated on the server. As regards the other device - it is possibly checking for new changes in an interval so that is why the change does not appear immediately.

I forced my other device to resync. with gCal, and reminder was not updated, even after a while. It became updated only after I pressed Refresh as per your suggestion
I *do* think that there is a miss in the code that trigger the synchronization, and that it ignores (at least) the Reminder field.

Could you please send me a video capturing this issue? I really cannot reproduce the problem.

HI George,

Here you are:… (available online until June 26, 2013 06:06).

Then I check my calendar events on an Android phone, and even ater forcing resynchronization, the event with the changed reminder is not updated. As soon as I press “Refresh” in eM Client, it is then correctly updated.

As if modifying an event triggers a synchronization based on some conditions (what fields were modified), while “Refresh” re-sync. all events of all my calendars.

BTW I have multiple calendars, dunno if it could be of any importance

Thanks for your help

OK forget it, it seems to be due to some delay on Google’s servers (though I’m pretty sure to have waited a while when facing the issue the first times, and before submitting this problem…)

So, sorry for the noise.

No problem …