Calendar - Weather

Why does the weather location on the left of the calendar keep changing?  I have the correct local setting setup in the calendar settings.  Confusing.

Not sure what “weather location to the left of the calendar” you are referring to. The weather location is at menu/tools/settings/calendar/weather. Can you provide a screenshot?

Please find attached screen shot of my calendar.  I have set the weather settings to Melbourne Australia post code 3000.  But the location keeps changing.

First, I would make sure to update to the most current version (7.1.32792.0) by going to if you already have not done so.  This may help.

Current version is up to date.  Any ideas??

That weather calendar (Cheyenne, WY) is from your Google Calendar. eM Client’s weather indicators are the small icons on the current and following 4 days.