Calendar views, can we view 2 or 3 weeks at a time?

Is there a way to show 2 or 3 weeks at a time on the calendar? I need to see multiple weeks at a time but the month view is to compressed and doesn’t show all the events for each day if there are more than 3 events for each day.


you can customize your calendar view to suit your individual needs using mini calendar. Select multiple days by holding down Ctrl/Shift and pressing left mouse button.


George Wilson
eM Client

I don’t see a mini calendar and the “Ctrl/Shift and pressing left mouse button” doesn’t block an area for me to view.

It should be in the left panel under your calendar list.

I selected 3 weeks on the mini calendar and this just put 21 days horizontaly on the week view calendar in the right pane. This is totally useless because you can’t read what any of the appointments are due to the day columns are so narrow.

Is there any way to have it show 1 week horizontaly by 3 weeks vertically?

Unfortunately, it is not possible.

It would be very usable to have 10-days or two weeks in view. Please consider this and add into program. Having such feature sholud improve sales 'coz it enables easier time management