Calendar V8 view

i use the calendar as an daily to do list. In V7 every entry is 15 minutes and readable as a list.
In V8 all entrys are cutted side by side. When i change the settings, that i can read it like it was in v7, i have to scroll the day up and down. So i cant use it for a nice and clear day overview.
I looked in the theme settings but cant find a point where i can change the hight or something.
Is there any way to set it like it was in v7 ?

Here is the view in V7 which is perfect: V7

And here with the same settings in V8: V8

Try going to Menu > Settings > Calendar > General and changing the granularity to 15 minutes.

Thanks for your reply.
The granularity is set to 15 minutes in v7 and v8 too.