[Calendar] Unpredictable result after editing an event's reminder field

When one sets a specific reminder value, the result is unpredictable:

  • either it is ignored, and previously selected value is kept,
  • or it is replaced by “No reminder” (worst case!)
  • or it may be taken into account
  1. right-click somewhere in Week-view, then “New event”
  2. fill in a title, leave other fields as they are
  3. the combo-box for reminder allows editing, so select a predefined value (eg. “2 weeks”), then edit just the numeric part (eg. replace 2 by 4)
  4. validate
  5. reopen the just-created event, depending on the case the reminder is now set:
    5a. incorrectly to “No reminder”!?
    5b. incorrectly to “2 weeks”
    5c. correctly to “4 weeks”

Results varies with values and units. This is really a pain, as the keyed in value can’t be trusted, and each time the reminder field is modified it must be re-verified. And some values can’t be used at all as leading always to “No reminder”.

I think it is really valuable to be able to edit the reminder field, as pre-definied values are not always the one needed. But then editing must be reliable.

What do you think?


Hi, what version of eM client are you currently using?

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

Oops sorry, should have mentioned it: 6.0.20617.0, thx

Hi again, can you please update to this version of eM Client and check if the issue persists?

Thank you,

Yep, issue still here with v6.0.20715:

  1. Week view: right click somewhere in future, “New event…”
  2. set title to “test”
  3. select “2 weeks” as reminder, but replace 2 by 4
  4. save event
  5. reopen it: reminder is set to “No reminder” instead of “4 weeks”…

Try it,  quick and easy to reproduce :wink:

Hi again, you’re right. Unfortunately this is not intended and the 4 weeks option should not work, the issue is that the item should not be editable at all.
Thank you for reporting this, I’ve reported the issue to the developers, hopefully it will be resolved in future releases.


Hi Paul,
Thanks for the feedback.

However… are you sure that the “Reminder” field is not expected to be editable? As previously mentioned, depending on the case, it works sometimes.
For instance, in the above scenario, replace step 3 by:
3. select “2 hours” as reminder, but replace 2 by 17
and you’ll see in step 5 that “17 hours” was properly saved!

Anyway, this would be a pity not being able to enter a custom reminder value! As a developer myself, and a power user of numerous apps, having an editable combo box is not uncommon, and not complicated to manage, but of course this is just my 0.02$ as I don’t know eM Client code…
BTW, if reminder edition is ever (unfortunately) removed, that would reinforce my other request for adding at least “1 month” and “2 months”.


Hi again, thank you for the follow up, I’ve reported the issue with both options, either to fix the issue for weeks or remove the option to edit the items completely.
I’ll keep you posted if I get a response from the developers regarding the issue.

Thank you,

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the great support!

No problem, let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

Hi Paul,
Any update on this? TIA