Calendar two-week-view + full screen mode

I suggest you make a two week view available (not just 3-week monthly view), as that fits much better on my widescreen 10" tablet.
Also full screen mode would be awesome, there’s lots of wasted Space on top, especially in “touch screen” mode …

Hi, fullscreen mode is not planned. But you can select more than one week by this way:

in leftside panel when you click on Calendar you will see small calendar only with days in same place, you can use ctrl + click on days to add them more into one week view.


That’s not what I’m after. Week view doesn’t work well for my need, especially not when adding more days … (plus that way if selecting is not convenient on a small tablet).
The month view is nice, but I wish it could be reduced to 2 weeks instead of 3 …

And I still think full screen would be nice … paid for lifetime updates, so maybe before I’m retired, then … :slight_smile: