Calendar tasks not showing in Agenda next week

I create a new appointment in Calendar View and it shows in the Agenda bar. However, Since yesterday (upgrade to 8.2) it will:

  1. Show a new appointment for this week.
  2. Show a new appointment for two weeks time.

But, will not show a newly created appointment for next week. It is showing existing appointments for next week created before the update and I am able to create appointments but they do not show in the Agenda bar if they are for next week.

When you create the event for next week, are you creating it in the same calendar as the ones in two weeks?

In the Agenda side-bar settings (click the setting cog next to Agenda) make sure the correct calendars are selected (choose folders) if you are creating the event in another calendar.

Yeah, definitely the same calendar.

Do the events you created for next week appear in the calendar view.


I can’t test it now as I don’t have a “next week” category in the Agenda bar (as I guess the week has “started” - it just shows Tomorrow, Tuesday etc).

If I now create a test appointment for (say) Tuesday it shows okay in the Agenda bar. When I did that yesterday (when the Agenda showed Next Week as a category) it didn’t show up.

I don’t know when it changes from showing Tomorrow to showing Next Week but it certainly was yesterday (Saturday) so I will test it again next Saturday.

There shouldn’t be a next week category. You should see Today, Tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. then anything after Sunday will be In Two Weeks.

Okay, I am confused then. I swear I had a Next Week category yesterday and the weeks appointments were grouped in it. My assumption was that once the week started they would show on their relevant days instead.

I will keep an eye on it as it was definitely not doing what I have been used to it doing when I created new appointments yesterday for next week - they just didn’t appear in the Agenda bar.

Thanks for all your input - much appreciated. I will update if I can replicate the problem.

Ah, yes, you are correct. Don’t know what I was thinking. :blush:

On Sunday they will be listed by day for the upcoming week, followed by In Two Weeks.

Any other day of the week, there is the current week listed by day, the following week listed as Next Week, and after that In Two weeks.

Thanks, I thought I was losing my marbles :slight_smile: