Calendar Syncs incorrect time conversion between Gmail and EmClient

Following my upgrade from emClient 5 to 6, I have run into calendar issues with my sync to Gmail. There is always a 1 hour difference between the two.

For example, if I set up a meeting in emClient for 8:30a, it will show up as 9:30am in my gmail calendar. Furthermore, when I create a meeting in gmail say 10:15am, it will pull forward to my calendar in emClient as 9:15am. My guess is that the time zone enhancement caused this.

Hi, we know about this issue. It is caused by wrong communication between timezones settings (even the same) between Gmail’s calendar and eM Client.

We are currently trying to find solution to this so please have patience, when we will know solution it will be released in patch as soon as possible.


Hi Jan, Is there a link that I can follow to install older versions of emClient?

Here is link to downgradable 5th version… but I think that it will not help you because some changes from 6th version are backported into it.


Is there an ETA on the fix then? Are we talking days? weeks? months?

we have no exact ETA, when we will be able to fix or find solutions to them then it will be released as fast as possible.

Hi John,

Any news on this problem?

It seems this was resolved in 6.0.1986.
However it appears to have reappeared again. Perhaps linked to the change of daylight savings again. FYI… i’m in Australia, UTC+10 where we will be going out of daylight savings time.

Hi, are you seeing the exact same scenario as mentioned in the original topic?

Thank you,

Yes. When i create an event in Google Calendar, eMClient will sync the event with a time exactly 1 hour later. If I correct the time in eMClient, during the sync the event in Google Calendar will be pushed back by an hour. This was working after a previous fix. Seems to have stopped again over the past week or so.

Hi, I’m sorry for the late reply.
If you’re both using the version 6.0.19861, and your application wasn’t updated recently, there’s a new version that should fix this issue, download here (
If you’re stil receiving the issue after update, can you please right click your calendar folder and select Properties > Repair and click the repair button, that should fix the issue you’re having.

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Looks better. Thanks!

No problem, if you have any more issues or questions about the application, let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

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