calendar synchronization WEB.DE not possible?

It is not possible to synchronize the calendar of the German provider WEB.DE (CALDAV) with eM client. In the program THUNDERBIRD it works without a problem if you specify the following path: or

Has anyone ever successfully set up a WEB.DE calendar or can the support provide a how-to?

Es gelingt nicht den Kalender von WEB.DE (CALDAV) mit eM Client zu synchronisieren. Im Programm THUNDERBIRD funktioniert es ohne ein Probleme wenn man folgenden Pfad angibt: oder

Hat schon mal jemand erfolgreich einen WEB.DE Kalender eingerichtet oder kann der Support hierzu eine Anleitung geben?

Hello Andreas,

If you’d like to synchronize a calendar, please go to Menu -> Tools -> Accounts -> New (the plus symbol) -> Calendar - CalDAV and fill in the path and the credentials.


That Problem still exists. I always get the message that password or username is not correct.

Looks like the handling for password and username is nit correct with caldav service.

As a workaround I setup a share of my calendar but that is not writable over the eM client.

Would be great to get a solvation for this annoing bug.

I had the same problem with The CalDAV url that worked in Thunderbird did not work in eM Client. After some discussion with GMX and eM Client, a different url was found that worked.

You might want to check with and see if there is something they can assist you with.