calendar sync

hello !

i’ve defined two calenders in my em-clients Google-account  

one is my Google-calendar and the second ist my wifes google-calendar

with my calendar everything works fine

but entries in my wifes calendar often appear only when i deactivate an reactivate her calendar in emclient

it seems as this entries have to be synced manually ???

as in recent versions of em-client i would expect, that these entries would be synced automatically  

how to fix this issue ?

thanks kurt


I have the same situation and it works flawlessly for me.  I have my wife share her calendar with my gmail account, so the calendar displays with my account-- i.e., I did not set up her calendar separately.

we have the same situation - we share our calenders for each other

but when doing so, her calender appears in my em-clients ‘calendar tree’ (and vice versa)
together with all other shared calendars (holidays,…)

 my entries are the red ones and her entries are the blue ones

my entries will be automatically refreshed each time em-client syncs - but her
entries often will be refreshed only when i shortly deselect an re-select her calendar