Calendar sms/text reminders?

Is there a future plan for the calendar to allow sms/text reminders like other programs such as Thunderbird?

Hi, we do not plan anything like this - this is actually server side feature as this requires 24/7 online status.


That would be something I would pay a small fee for to upgrade.  Gmail on line has it – and it’s wonderful.  But I really like eM Client – so great to get mail in one app.  Perhaps the developer can consider the text messaging for PRO customers.

Agree. This functionality would be very useful.

Hi Dave, unfortunately this is not a planned feature for the application, as eM client is currently not able to support text messaging or phone calls using phone service providers.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi, but surely if you “support” gmail, you can allow the event saved TO the server to have the necessary flags/attributes set?  Assuming the Gmail Calendar API supports this of course - eM itself doesn’t need to handle this, just needs to pass the appropriate appointment flags back to the google server

This is unfortunately not supported, hopefully we can improve this in future releases.